Food has been a major passion for both of us throughout our 30-odd years together. Readers who enjoyed the two ‘Adventures in Yellow’ books, often commented that reading the books left them feeling hungry, an observation derived from the frequent mentions of the fantastic food we encountered on our journey through the Americas.

We each experience the world around us through the five senses and one of our definitions of happiness is when an event transpires involving some marvelous combination of these basic stimuli that results in sheer joy and delight.  The touch and texture of the ingredients; the sound of something sizzling in a pan; the sight of the dish uncovered, revealing an exotic mélange on a plate closely followed by the smell of heady vapours that you know will lead to an explosive taste sensation in the mouth, triggering pleasure sensors for the duration of the feast to come.

So for this trip we decided to dedicate this section of the site to some of the fineries we encountered on the road, introducing you to some of the wonderful people behind them and reproducing their recipes so you can join in at home…

You can access the recipes from the drop down tab under the ‘Food’ header above.


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