“Why on earth would anyone want to give up a decent job with a comfortable lifestyle in a reasonably civilised place for some nomadic 2-wheeled existence?”  “What would drive you to make such a decision?”

We are asked questions like these over and over again and our answer is quite simple…  Each individual ‘Life’ is simply your own personal sensory experience of the world that you inhabit.  We are simply seeking to maximise that experience by seeing as much of this world as possible and these journeys have to date led us to places of sheer wonderment and amazement (even if the road to get there is extremely challenging from time to time).

We have used the word ‘Adventure’ in the title of our enterprise and in recent times this word  has become an overplayed adverb for all manner of product and rubbish.  I guess it has some meaning when used to label outdoor gear,  but unfortunately it has since spilled into mass marketing everything from soaps and cosmetics to family automobiles.  In short, it’s a word that can make something weak look strong and robust, adding a patina , a veneer of ruggedness that isn’t necessarily there in the first place.

Yet for both of us ‘Adventure’ has been a byword for the way we have lived our lives ever since as teenagers we rode off together to the south of France on a little 200cc Kawasaki with no fixed plan other than to find out for ourselves what was over there and what was it really like.  As a consequence, great things happened to us expanding our minds and vision and we’ve been at it ever since.  Ultimately too, it has brought great happiness and fulfilment to our lives.  After all the secret to happiness is quite simple: find out what you like and then pursue that every day to the best of your ability.

There is an even shorter answer to the question’Why?’ and that is simply ‘Why not?’  We’ll turn that back on you, reader…  There is a lovely quote we read recently by the Irish author, Joseph O’Connor* “Because to live just once, that’s miracle enough.”  Really, that short statement says it all.  Life is a miracle and the onus is entirely up to you as to how you use it…

* From the short story “October Coloured Weather”.

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