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Hay-on-Wye (8)When travelling I have always maintained road-diaries for each trip.  Nothing too elaborate, just a way of remembering places and names and signifigant events.  For our Pan-American trip we published journals and photo galleries on our first website 

I found writing such a cathartic and rewarding process that on our return from the Americas I wrote what became the first two books in this Adventures in Yellow series.  Since then I have maintained my writing interests with a series of magazine articles and details of all of these are given in the links below…  My goal in all of this is simply to inspire others so please enjoy!

Norman Magowan 2015.


The Books:

Click on the appropriate cover to access details on our books and read reviews (and complaints!).  Both now books are available on Kindle only.

AIY Book 2 FrontAIY Book 1 FrontAdventures in Yellow Book 1:  Leprechauns in Latin America

The story of our travels in South America, from Llamas to lynch mobs!

Adventures in Yellow Book 2:  Leprechauns in Alaska

The ride from Panama to the Arctic Ocean and the jewels in between!



The Magazine Articles:

Overland Magazine:   Run by the inimitable Paddy Tyson & Nich Brown, Overland is a quarterly magazine dedicated to motorcycle travel with the focus on quality travel-writing and photography over advertising.  If you are a non-motorcyclist reading this, please don’t think this is just another bike magazine.  The emphasis in Overland is the stories of what people do with bikes and their lives rather than about the bikes themselves

I have had the privilege of having a number of articles published with Overland as follows:

      1. Issue 3:  ‘Half Way Up’ – Ecuador and the story of our trip to the remote Andean Bear tracking station at Apuela; a great tale of animal conservation.
      2. Issue 5:  ‘Bridge to Nowhere’ – Some home-grown adventure with a fantastic summer holiday trip through the Outer Hebrides and how one man tried to buy the islands, a story that leads us to the aforementioned bridge.
      3. Issue 9:  ‘Where the Hell is Banyuls?’ – Another holiday trip, this time in the south of France in search of a rather tasty drop of the drink!
      4. Issue 14: ‘Armenia’ – The tale of an unexpected diversion into this beautiful country.

Overland Iss 3  Overland Iss 5  Overland Iss 9 overland-issue14

MEM Logo

Motorcycle Explorer Magazine (MEM):  Brainchild of that big bear of a fella, James Owens, MEM is a FREE digital magazine dedicated to motorcycling travel.  Being digital permits, in addition to some great travel writing and photography, a showcase for a fantastic array of mixed media content, including video / audio.

Again, I have had the privilege of having a number of articles published with MEM as follows:

    1. Issue 2 – “Me and My Rider – Maggie Magowan’s BMW F650GS Has Her Say…” Part One
    2. Issue 3 – “Me and My Rider – Maggie Magowan’s BMW F650GS Has Her Say…” Part Two Written for a bit of fun, this two parter relates to story of our Pan-American trip from the slightly unusual perspective of Maggie’s bike.
    3. Issue 10 – “Ride East Baby” – The fantastic story of our journey east, riding overland from UK to Dubai.
    4. Issue 14 – “Wee Bikes” – A look at the role and marvel of small motorcycles in Asia and the contrast with modern motorcycling at home.

MEM Pt 2MEM pt 3mem-iss-10-ride-east mem-iss-14-wee-bikes-cover

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