Iran – The People

This photogallery contains images of some of the lovely people we met on our travels through Iran.  Big thanks especially go to the folk in Darab, the friendliest place on the planet!

10 thoughts on “Iran – The People

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    • Hi Mary, Thanks for the contact and hope the rest of your Iranian trip was as much fun as Isfahan! We are now in Dubai plotting our way on to India. Should have visas today and then the bikes will ship next weekend… Stay in touch! N & M


    • All is well here Reza! Bikes shipped to India today and we fly out on Tuesday… Miss you too and thanks again for being a superb host for us in Iran!


  2. Hi Norman and Maggie. Best of luck for India and hi Reza from France. Hope you are well.

    I think Norman and maggie are the best travellers you’ll get!

    You know they are IRISH!!!!

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  3. Hi Norman, I was looking for a wallpaper for my screen and I searched “shiraz highway” and stumbled upon one of your photos. I’ve been going through your site for the past hour and I’ve been fascinated by your travels. I was born in Iran but had to leave in 86 and have not been back since. I’ve traveled almost all 50 states here in the US and several European countries on my GS but my bucket list trip is to ride in Iran. Thank you for posting your travels and looking forward to seeing more.

    – Henry


    • Hi Henry, Thanks for the message and glad you enjoyed our site. Our only regret about Iran was that we had so little time there. With UK passports we had to be guided, which was expensive but even with that the hospitality was something really special. Hope your plans work out and you can get there some day soon! Cheers! Norman & Maggie


      • Hi Henri Norman and Mags.
        I met Norman and Mags briefly in Iran.
        I have been back since twice.
        It is wonderful.
        Norman and Mags where are you now?
        If ever you come to the Beaujolais in France you are welcome.


      • Hi Mary, on returning to the UK last September, Brexit had stuffed many opportunities in the UK, so I found a job in Bremen, Germany and we have been here for just over a year now. It’s been really different and it feels like we are still on the road! Will keep in mind your offer for Beaujolais… same to you if you fancy a trip to Bremen. It’s a charming old medieval city on a river with a history of shipbuilding and aerospace so in many ways it’s a bit like Belfast. Take care and stay in touch…

        Norman & Maggie


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