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Finally if you wish to contact us, please do so in the reply box below or email us at normanmags@yahoo.co.uk.

9 thoughts on “About…( & Contact)

  1. Good luck guys, it will be great to follow your adventure on here, keep safe and enjoy your life together.
    From your neighbours Steve and Margaret x

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  2. Hi you two Andy and I have been following your journal and it looks as though you are once again enjoying your adventures. I tried to send you an email but it did not go. Glad to here your news from home is encouraging. Ours unfortunately is not on both counts. Keep having fun luv you both lots Liz xx


  3. It is a joy to read about your lolling around eastern Europe.

    All well here.

    Not sure how it might fit your plans, but Liam and Riona have set a wedding date—-Easter, March 2016.

    If by chance, or design, you can be here, we can of course put you up.

    regards john


    • Cheers for that John. We are not too sure of our movements beyond India but will be sure to give you plenty of notice if we can make it. Would be really good fun!


    • Hi Shawn,

      Really glad you enjoyed the two books and thanks for letting us know! As you can see, we are currently on the road again heading east and have just arrived in Dubai after a brilliant two weeks crossing Iran. We plan to be on the road for at least a year and I’m sure there will be books to follow. In the meantime you can catch up with our latest by following the blogs on this website.


  4. Hope you guys remember me from Singapore met you guys at the Indian side before you guys crossed ove to Burma we were on our GS 1200
    try to get in touch my number is 90106666


    • Hi Gurcharan,

      We do remember you guys indeed! Sadly we are now out of Singapore. In spite of tour time in customs we had a fantastic month there working with a local charity. We left a few weeks ago and are now in Melaka. Hope all is well in your world!

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