2004:  Norman & Maggie Magowan, two restless spirits, exchanged their routine nine to five existence to become biking nomads on an epic 35,500 mile, 15-month, motorcycle adventure from Chile to Alaska.  Thus began ‘Adventures in Yellow’, a journey that will expand and change their lives forever.


Still two restless spirits… Same two yellow motorcycles once more out on the road with a new website to inspire and entertain you as much as the old Pan-American site ( and of course our two books.   The plan is, there is no plan other than to live a life where Adventures in Yellow Rides Again!

The journey continues… TAKING ON THE WORLD!  We left home and headed on roads east and south out of Europe, through Asia, SE Asia, Indonesia, Australia and on to New Zealand. The final leg now beckons as we traverse Canada to complete our mission ride around the planet!  As before, the trip continues to fund-raise for Cancer Research UK so if you have been entertained, been moved by or simply enjoy what we are doing, please consider making a donation by clicking the ‘Talks and Charity‘ link at the top of the page.

So please watch this space, enjoy the blogs and mooch the galleries.

Norman & Maggie Magowan



  1. Mmm sounds so good.!
    Do you guys know Mani also from Stevenage..? He blogs on here to re motorbikes. He is off and away soon also!
    India! When do you set off?
    We are going there in Sept for our third visit, But only for two weeks! (Unless I can get some more time off!) Do you have a rough itinerary of the next few months? Wondering where you might be in Sept!
    I will have to go and read about your other trip(s), as I have never come across you guys before!
    Just bought Leprechauns in Latin America so I’ll get busy!
    Mike & Jill.

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    • Hi guys – really sorry for not being in touch but we completely forgot about this until today! It’s been soon busy trying to clear everything for the road and we hope to be off by July but this will be pending the arrival of our carnets. Thanks for the interest and yes we have been in touch with Mani who has offered lots of advice about India. Our plan is simply to ride East and keep going. We have a rough idea of where we want to see but don’t like planning too much and just take it as it comes. By September we have to be at the Turkish Iranian border to pick up a guide so will probably not hit India until October. Hope you enjoy the first book and apologies again for the delay in replying!

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      • Hey thanks for that!
        Sounds like a plan – not to have too much of a plan!
        Will keep an eye on your progress!
        Mani has set off on his trip just now!
        I’m jealous indeed! 🙂

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      • Hello Maggi &Norman
        good to hear from you both, wish you all the best and we will be guest on your side.Have a good ride.
        Hope to see you soon.
        Your german friends Ulrike & Holger

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  2. You truly are epic adventurers. I look forward to “travelling along” with you as you explore the world. Take your angels with you as it can be a wild world.

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    • Cheers Kathy – don’t forget to click the ‘like’ button on the website and you’ll get email notifications when we update! Currently in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic – photos to follow 🙂


  3. Thanks for the update….
    These last couple of weeks of planning and tying up ends will soon be behind you both …
    Can’t wait to follow your adventures x

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  4. Hola Amigos.
    Guaaaauuuu es super emosionante saber que van ha hacer una nueva aventura en amarillo, con gusto los seguire desde Mexico, Muchas felicidades y en verdad que esta noticia me pone muy contento.

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  5. Truly amazing journey ahead for you both, I too didn’t know of your previous one! I know the Benington Pilates group miss you so much Mags, but good luck to you both and thanks in advance for your blogs, have fun.

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  6. Greetings Norman and Maggie,

    All best wishes to you both for the coming year. I think I posted a message a couple of days ago, but it doesn’t show, so it might have been swallowed up by our first winter storm, 30 cms of snow. Once more, then:

    My friend, Murray McCartney, who just met you in Mysore, sent me the link to “Adventures in Yellow”, and what a treat it is! I’m hugely enjoying your stories and photos of India, especially Goa, which I visited ten years ago on a backpacking trip with our daughter, Meg.

    No riding for me just now, so for the next few months I’ll enjoy life on 2 wheels through your blogs and photos. I run a 1986 airhead, an R80RT that’s “old but still sound” (to borrow Stan Rogers’ phrase). It’s carried me reliably and comfortably from home in Ottawa to Canada’s east and west coasts, and deep into the States as well. Not quite the distances and terrain that you’ve covered, but always enjoyable.

    Safe riding, and keep the shiny side up


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    • Cheers for this John,

      Really appreciate you taking the time to comment! We’ve been off grid for a few days hence the tardy reply… We’ve now moved south into Kerala and even hotter weather! I’m lagging a bit with the blogs but then India is such an amazing place to travel through that every day is jam packed with strange and wonderful occasions. We are currently in Kochin and headed to the very tip of India where 3 oceans meet. Sounds like you’ve been having fun on your old air-head! We have both always been a lot more interested in what folk do with their bikes rather than what bike they ride. What’s the point of having something in show-room condition if all you ever do is clean and polish it? Every bike should have a story to tell and to is the gathering of the bike’s history that makes motorcycle travel such fun! Happy New Year to you and hope you continue to enjoy our blogs…

      Norman & Maggie


  7. Hi Norman,
    I hope you and your wife both are fit.
    I think you remember me I am Om from Jaipur Rajasthan your spend some nights at out small Villa ( Anuraag villa)
    Kindly share me your contact number.
    Kind Regards,


  8. haii norman,,i hope u n ur wife in good healty ..and fit to shaizan..we meet at riverhouse resort..Ma Sariang,chiang mai..we’r rider from malaysia..


    • Hi guys – it was great to meet up with you and really enjoyed the Mae Hong Song Loop! Just had new tyres fitted yesterday and are getting ready to go to Laos next after Chiang Rai! Hope you all got home safe!

      Norman & Maggie

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  9. Hello you two!
    Lovely to meet you last night – hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration at the reggae bar, Maggie 😊 (Did you continue dancing into the night? !💃) We wish you all the best for the rest of your journey and will continue to follow your adventures via the blog.
    Margaret & Ingo XX
    PS If you’re ever passing through Munich, please get in touch! 🍻


    • Hi Margaret & Ingo,
      So lovely to hear from you. We enjoyed chatting with you both last night. It brought back some great memories about Munich.
      Likewise when we eventually return home to wonderful Blighty you must call. The dancing was fun! it was an excellent Birthday.
      All the better for meeting you both.


  10. I was listening to Radio Ulster this morning. Amazing journey! Love your adventurous spirit. My Dad completed 2 road trips through Europe , Asia and Africa in a Hillman Huskey in the 1960s! I have lived in Spain for 2 years so appreciate your sense of adventure. Enjoy the rest of the trip. Martha Robb

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  11. Hi Martha! Thanks very much for the feedback and glad it brought back such lovely memories. Travel is such a rewarding experience and we are loving our time on the road.


  12. Good to meet you guys here in New Norfolk and as you have discovered, Tasmania is a Motor Cycling MECCA, continue to have a safe journey, I will be following you… cheers Shakas


  13. Hi Norman and Maggie, hope you survived the storm and got your bike fixed in Christchurch.
    We’ll keep an eye on the blog, take care and ring us when you get back to the UK.
    Best wishes, Andy and Phil xx


    • Hi guys, Cheers for the contact – we are all sorted and are now down in Milford Sound enjoying some beautiful country and weather 🙂 Off to Invercargill tomorrow for some Burt Munro stuff… keep in touch and hope the rest of your trip was fun!


  14. Kia ora e rua kowhai,

    Was good to meet and exchange world trip memories in Westport over a coffee.

    Cant wait to catch up more in detail on major wright in chaffers marina in wellington.

    Chris & Ina

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    • Cheers Ina,

      Great to bump into you guys and look forward to meeting you and will call once we get sorted in Wellington…



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