Returning to the Road

It’s nearly ten years now since we completed our Pan-American trip, an event which remains vivid as the most inspirational, exciting thing we’ve ever done in our entire lives.  Since then we’ve been back at work and life has assumed a more ‘normal’ vein but always, always we have been dreaming of a return to the road.  The bikes, those stalwart veterans of numerous American highways, have been mostly used for summer pleasure riding; Barcelona, Toulouse, the Outer Hebrides as well as accompanying us on our whirlwind book-signing tour of the UK, which was a whole adventure in itself.  Now, coming in from work of an evening, we look in on them in their garage and they are just begging to be unleashed and set free once more on that open road…

So now we ponder roads and routes to the South and East on a ride that will take us to India, through ancient lands steeped in history and a journey that promises to be every bit as exciting as the Panamericana.

The inspiration came from a city break in Istanbul, gateway to the Orient.   Truly one of the world’s greatest cities, our visit left us hankering to go through that gate and see what incredible lands lie beyond.  It will be another slow ride, taking our time; just watch this space as the route unfolds.

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